2018 Trophy Winners


Trophy winners 2018 comp 


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  Awarded for Winner Winning Entry
The Rose Family Cup Champion of Champions Di Pattinson Trugged Veg
The Kathleen Simper Cup China Painting  Carol Tatchell Infinity - Bowl
The Eileen Gillingham Cup Crochet Lyn Pullen Angel
The Dorset Shield Traditional Dorset Crafts Anna McDowell Knitting Bee (1)
The Felting Trophy Felting Sara Thompson Windows Framed Nuno Felt
The Elizabeth Ellen Trophy Glass Martin Redout Tiffany Style Lamp
The Wheezyanna Trophy Jewellery Jenny Trotman Turquoise, Agate and Pearl
The Mackenzie-Edwards Challenge Cup Knitting Jane Patterson Purple Cable Cardigan DK
The Royal Doulton Figurine Bobbin Lace Eve Morton Fantasy Bird Pennant - Idrija Lace
The Dutton Trophy Metalwork Hazel Lappin Wire Pheasant
The Marine Challenge Bowl Models Jon Mosen Radio-controlled Bi-plane
The Pitt-Rivers Challenge Cup  Needlework Carmen Forder Flying Cranes
The 70th Anniversary Shield  Penmanship  Jenny Trotman Little Star
The Pottery Challenge Cup Pottery Pauline Hassall Totem Pole
The Wendy Meyer Memorial Trophy Quilting Mandy Winter Iced 'N' Lush
The Pauline's Patchwork Cup Patchwork or Quilting Lyn Smith Australian Quilt
The Steve Lockie Trophy Small Quilts / Wallhangings Celia Morris Indigo Landscape
The Purbeck Trophy Recycled Materials Cara Killer Rock Pool
The Hallett Challenge Rose Bowl Garment / article made from hand-spun yarn Mary Tomlin Grey Angora Shell Shawl
The Wellhead Trophy  Textile Art  Jo Mosen Creech Grange Arch
The Donaldson Challenge Rose Bowl Toys  Thelma Neate Lizzie - Cloth Doll
The Lucas Challenge Cup Weaving Ann Parker Woven Rug - Blue/Grey
The Cornutopia Cup   Other Crafts Jean Branch Art Deco Scene
The Seaborne Challenge Cup Those with Physical Disabilities Doreen Taylor High T Wooden't you
The Bert Tucker Goblet Those with Visual Impairment Debbie Hughes Beach Views
The Russell Sherman Cup Those with Learning Disabilities Eddie Hibbs Purple Suede Rucksack
FINE ART      
The Russell Cup Botanical Illustration Carmen Forder Collection of Leaves
The Centenary Cup Dorset Land / Seascape Stevie Durston Music in the Hills
The Graham Jones Trophy Wildlife Frank Schweitzer Bearded Reedling at Radipole
The John Hedger Vase Land/Seascape  Helen Lord Willow Reflections
The Mandarin Bowl Monochrome Jane Lee Trees in the Mist
The Dorchester Camera Club Cup Open Stephen Lee Lone Red Fox
 The Wareham Camera Club Trophy Creative Photography Steve Lord Tears of KIlt Rock
The Kirkus Challenge Cup Young Person aged 7 or under Daisy Crouch I can sing a rainbow
The Woodroffe Challenge Cup Young Person aged 8 - 11  Castle Court School Group entry: stitched cards
The Woodrow Challenge Cup Young Person aged 12 - 14  Charlie Hallam Drill Lamp
Association Award Young Person aged 15 - 16 Jayden Capper Photo: Stone Mason
The Stallholders' Challenge Cup   Kezmee Studio  
Favourite Picture   Voted for by visitors  Jeneta Bird Sparkling Sea to Old Harry
Favourite Photograph  Voted for by visitors Janet Comley  In the Olive Grove